About Us

If you’re tired about the misconceptions or confusion surrounding SEO – so are we. 

Who’s we?

Welcome to SOS – Save our SEOs. A blog run by real SEO analysts and strategists, we’re striving to help bring a little bit of light into a world filled with darkness.

And by darkness, we mean black hat SEO that could get your website penalized by Google, the internet equivalent of being fined $100,000 in the real world. 

Why Do SEOs Need Saving?

Hold up – SEOs need saving? Why? What does that even mean? Is there a Superman of SEO? 

If there is, it could be us. But since Superman’s identity is a secret, we can’t really tell you that. 

In the world of SEO, just like in the Marvel or DC world, there are villains, there are superheroes, and there are civilians. 

As businesses, SEOs are here to protect you and provide you with a free Google world where your website can live up to its potential. However, the SEO world has been infiltrated by nasty little villains, SEO agencies, or individual SEOs, promising to bring you results that are too good to be true. These SEOs like to make the Search Engine Optimization landscape incredibly confusing with their no-nonsense “On-Page SEO” guides, confusing data reports, and endless lists of keyword rankings.

By helping you identify the villains masquerading as heroes, we not only help you – we help the real SEOs too, that truly just want to do a good job for you.

Why Go Through All This Effort?

SEO is going to be around for a long time (or I hope so, otherwise I’m kind of out of a job, R.E. see my resume post-SEO apocalypse ) as long as Google is around. And as an industry, as there is in any other, there is always an ongoing struggle with morality and ethics. 

SEOs and agencies know how much it can mean for your business if you were to rank at the very top of Google. It’s the number one search engine on the internet, and hitting page one could translate into thousands in profits.

Anytime someone is willing to fork out a handful of dollars, there will always be someone to take advantage of it. It isn’t right that there are companies scamming small and even large businesses out of thousands of dollars. 

The best way we as SEOs can help you with your website, is by helping you understand what SEO is. So that you can ask the right questions, build upon the best strategies, and get the most out of your own SEO efforts. Even if you aren’t working on your own SEO, we hope that this will provide you with the knowledge that will help you understand if the SEO being done for you is worth what you’re paying for. 

We’re making Google a bigger and better place by helping to Save Our SEOs. By helping you, it helps us.